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Ballarat Zeitgeist is a reflection of Ballarat’s character and spirit. It’s a sharing of minds through stories that challenge the status quo, influence positive change, inspire, educate or just make us laugh.

If you’d like to write an article for Ballarat Zeitgeist, read our author guidelines then send us an email (below) – it’s that easy!

Author Guidelines

This is a forum of free expression. You can write about whatever you like. Some of our current themes include: Arte, Eat, Tek and Maker. So let your mind wonder. What are you passionate about?

BUT – articles must be worthy of the platform. This is a forum for educated expression. Think Alain de Botton not Alan Jones. 

The good

Articles must be well conceived ideas, presented in an easy to read (and spell checked) format. Articles can be long or short. Just ask yourself if other people will also want to read it! 

The bad

We welcome articles about your field of work or industry, but will NOT publish content that is deemed as ‘self promotion’.

The ugly

All of the words on the page must be your own (unless referenced), don’t attack individuals, don’t identify individuals without their consent and don’t use profanity or discriminate in any way.

Get started

Send us your details, and any story idea/s, so that we can connect and tell you what’s next.